The Puppetmaster of Lodz

Written by Gilles Segal 
Translation by Sara O'Connor
Directed by Jimmy McDermott

**Joseph Jefferson Award Winner: Puppetry Design (Michael Montenegro)
**Joseph Jefferson Award Nomination: Best Actor in a Principal Role (Larry Neumann, Jr.) 

March 13 - July 15, 2007
Location: 664 Vernon Ave | Get Directions ›
After escaping from Auschwitz, Finkelbaum, a once-revered puppetmaster, has barricaded himself in an attic. Now 1950, he is not convinced that the war is over and sees any attempt to lure him out as merely a ruse to recapture him. In an attempt to bring his lost family back to life, he prepares for his greatest puppet show ever – the story of his life. Ultimately hopeful, moving and eminently theatrical, this beautifully articulated story will enjoy heightened poignancy upon our stage.

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