Get to know the creative team of TREVOR the musical each week through TREVOR Spotlight. Matt Deitchman returns to Writers Theatre as the Music Director for TREVOR!


What was the first musical you ever participated in? How old were you?
My first musical was a production of The Emperor’s New Clothes the summer before I was in fifth grade, so I was 10. My brother played the emperor and I was Chester, the court jester.

What was your first professional job in theatre?
My first pro job out of school was playing guitar and keyboards for HERO at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire.

In a four-word phrase, describe your job.
Teach/shape/oversee music.

Is there someone you looked up to growing up? Who is your Diana Ross? Why?
Norbert Leo Butz. 100% my favorite stage actor and I thought everything he did was absolutely brilliant. I wanted to be as funny, specific, (and good at singing) as he was. And that’s still true—definitely a talent I still look up to.

What has participating in TREVOR reminded you about life in 1981?
That’s hard to say, as I was born a little too late to be reminded of 1981 (I’m a 1990 baby). But working on TREVOR has certainly reminded me of what it was like to feel like an outsider when I was in school growing up. It’s a wonderfully universal story of finding your place in a world that doesn’t always appear to have room for you.