Jordan Lane ShappellJordan Lane Shappell

Two years ago I met The Love Of My Life. After a few months of passionate dating, she decided to travel eastern Europe and declared that she simply could not be hindered by a relationship whilst abroad. So she dumped me.

In times of heartbreak I cope by putting on sweatpants and binge eating. That summer I discovered Taco Burrito Palace #2. It was certainly not a haven from my pain, but it was the solace I needed. Eventually, the employees knew my name and called me friend. It was the greatest Mexican food I had ever eaten. Ever! When TLOML returned, we tried to make it work, but school and life got in the way. The night of our last kiss (which is always the saddest kiss) I cried and ate tacos.

Recently, I revisited TBP#2 and, honestly, the food was bland. Standard Mexican fare. Where did all that splendor go?!? Where was the greatness? I realize now, my heartache informed my taste buds. I lost love and found it somewhere else. Rather, I forced it somewhere else. Taco Burrito Palace #2 is good, but it is not love.