We have finished our third week of rehearsals and now tech begins this week. As in previous weeks, the play continues to evolve. Playwright Keith Huff continues to tweak and finesse and director Gary Griffin has created a new moment at the beginning of the play. This past week, Gary and actress Barbara Robertson delved even deeper into the role of Alice Conroy and Barbara is diligently polishing her line memorization. A profound attention to detail has gone into this production.

After Barbara mentioned that she would like to meet with real detectives, Keith arranged for the two of them to visit the Chicago Police Department. Barbara listened to firsthand accounts from detectives. She was shocked at the amount of hours they work. Barbara also looked at crime scene photos to better relate to her character. I think the experience really opened her eyes to a detective’s world and the world of the family. This knowledge will allow her to truthfully embody the role of The Detective’s Wife.

I’m enthusiastic about tech week. Seeing all of the layers added to a production always brings a surge of excitement. The excitement is spilling over, so I will divulge one of my favorite details about the set thus far. Over the past three weeks heaps of books have been gutted and hung from the ceiling as well as stacked on the back wall of the theatre. Gary refers to the set as the “book cave.” The “book cave” makes the space feel homey and cozy, like a refuge. I have confidence in our exquisite design team and delight in the fine work they continue to produce.