…we asked the members of PigPen Theatre Co. to pick their team of five to help survive the zombie apocalypse.


Alex Falberg:
If it’s top five people/characters/dream team, I’d say Spock, Robocop, Batman, Lucille Ball, and Bill Murray and Steve Martin.




Ben Ferguson:
Funny you ask, I just recently watched a movie that would help answer that: Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Samuel L Jackson.




Arya Shahi: The Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.



Curtis Gillen:
In no particular order: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
(have you seen that dude’s biceps?)
Jeff Goldblum (he definitely has prepared for that sort of thing.)
Jackie Chan (he does his own stunts and is so nimble he could get out of anything.)  Dolly Parton (when she sings everything seems like its going to be ok.) Lastly, a Dog – a really big dog like a bull mastiff or an Alaskan malamute.




Ryan MeliaI would clone Alex Falberg.
Me and 4 Alex Falbergs. I like my chances.



Dan Weschler:

Steve “Helicopter” Hardcastle, Grudge Knucklecollar, Suzette Le Grange, “Dead-eye” Anders Bucklecrunch, and one of the Twins (whichever one can best the other in  hand-to-hand combat. My money’s on Becky.)




Matt Nuernberger:
 Alex, Dan, Curtis, Arya, and Ben.
Sorry Ryan, there’s only room for one ginger in this post-apocalyptic world.




Happy Halloween, everyone!  Watch out for zombies…