We are now in our preview process  for Company and the designers are  truly complimenting Director Bill Brown‘s vision for the show/characters.

The set (designed by Todd Rosenthal) is modern and interesting with an appropriately skewed perspective– much like the main character, Bobby’s, view of relationships.

Lighting Designer, Jesse Klug, has also complimented the tone of the show with his thoughtful lighting templates.

The costumes, designed by Rachel Healy, accentuate the characters personalities perfectly. From Joanne’s sexy leather pants,  Amy’s colorful shoes, and David’s classically preppy khaki pants, these details help us know who these people are and what sort of life they inhabit.

The props (designed by Scott Dickens) are subtle but effective.


Set design model by Todd Rosenthal

Josh Horvath‘s sound design adds ambience to the setting of New York city.

The band, led by conductor Michael Kaish, sounds marvelous. The orchestral reductions (by Ian Weinberger) add to the feeling of the show and those horns are amazing!

The actors continue to grow and find specificity in their characters. The audience responses in previews is so important for the actors to hear what moments land and what moments might still need some finessing. The pace continues to improve and I have to admit, I have definitely shed some tears during a few of the songs.

We are on a fantastic trajectory to opening night! We are looking forward to sharing this story with you!

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