Deerfield Public Library_dpl_weblogo_2On Saturday, April 25 our From Page to Stage series focusing on The Diary of Anne Frank continued with an interactive workshop titled “Memoir as Art” at Deerfield Public Library.


Dana Norris

The interactive workshop was led by Dana Norris,  Founder of Story Club and instructor at StoryStudio Chicago. Attendees included Writers Theatre patrons and library cardholders, as well as published writers and those making their first attempts at personal memoir. Dana facilitated a discussion of the concept of memoir and led participants through a case study of a specific memoir, from which they identified key structural elements for a compelling personal narrative. Participants were instructed to write about a “first time” experience and wrote for fifteen minutes about experiences including first jobs, first cars, and first travels. Participants shared excerpts of their writings with the group and discussed the implications and universalities of their memoir topics. Dana concluded the workshop by providing publishing resources for those interested in taking their writing to the next level and sharing their work with larger audiences. We’d like to thank Dana, the Deerfield Public Library, and everyone who joined us for this workshop!

As a reminder, our From Page to Stage events and all of our audience enrichment events are free and open to the public. We hope you’ll join us for the next one!

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