Here’s our conversation with Boston native Ryan Melia, also known as The Old Man in PigPen Theatre Company‘s The Old Man and The Old Moon

Writers Theatre: What’s your favorite myth, folktale or fairytale?
Ryan Melia: Robin Hood.

WT: How did PigPen Theatre Co. get its name?
Ryan: Well, “The Avengers” was taken, as was “The Backstreet Boys,” so… what other choice was there? 

Ryan_lightWT: What play or movie do you wish PigPen had written?
Ryan: Other than Cybernella? The Princess Bride.
[Note: Cybernella was the first play Ryan was ever in & he played the title character then as well! More details available here…]

WT: What are three things we should know about your hometown?
Ryan: Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots.


WT: What’s your favorite moment to perform in The Old Man and The Old Moon?
Ryan: Personal favorite moment to perform, I think, is the Prison Fish. That whole series of scenes is really fun because there’s a whole arc to that section by itself.

WT: What are you most proud of about this whole experience?
Ryan: All seven of us since we first did the first version of it five years ago — that we still are as excited about it and we found someone and some place that was as excited as we have been since the beginning.


To learn more about Ryan, check out his biography or this collection of cast answers to a few more questions.

Remember you can catch Ryan on stage in The Old Man and The Old Moon now playing at our 325 Tudor Court location!