Matt-light Appearing as John Matheson – the sailor with the best stories (among others)  -in PigPen Theatre Company‘s The Old Man and The Old Moon, this week we hear from Matt Nuernberger…

WT: How did PigPen Theatre Co. get its name?
Matt: In the days of Shakespeare, many actors had to perform in pigpens. It’s also part of a lyric in a Roy Harper song. But neither of those stories is the real one. It’s a mystery!
[Note: That Roy Harper song he mentions is “Me and My Woman” which includes: “And the Lord speaks out and the pigpens fawn…”]


WT: If you could have a conversation with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?
Matt-sailorMatt: Nick Drake. His music is inspiring and he’s such a mystic.

WT: What play or movie do you wish PigPen had written?
Matt: The Lord of the Rings.

WT: What instrument would you most like to learn to play and why?
Matt: The harp. It seems impossible.
[In The Old Man and The Old Moon, you can catch Matt playing the guitar, piano, percussion, and even a set of bottles!]

WT: What is the first play you ever performed and what role did you play?
Matt: The Senses Taker in The Phantom Tollbooth.


WT: Who is your favorite PigPen Theatre Co. member?
Matt: Curtis. He’s out of control.

WT: What’s your favorite thing about Glencoe?
Matt: The beach.

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