TimeCapsule_08Here’s a newspaper clipping detailing Glencoe life in November, 1915. One-hundred years later, it provides us with a snapshot image of a time very different from our own. In the same spirit, for Glencoe inhabitants one hundred years from now, we’ve planted a hidden treasure. In a 15″x6″x15″ container, we’ve stashed over 35 items contributed by the community and intended to capture the current day in Glencoe.

First, we’re hoping that in one hundred years, they will have no trouble finding the time capsule’s burial site, which is to the west of the new theatre center’s Green Family Rehearsal Room, under a patch of Japanese Forest Grass. We’ve left a sign that says:

“Village of Glencoe
Cultural Center Time Capsule
We commemorate the opening of the new home for Writers Theatre and the Woman’s Library Club of Glencoe in February 2016.
This time capsule was dedicated on November 6, 2015, and captures Glencoe’s cultural life and institutions.
To be opened in November 2115.”

In order to capture a snapshot of today’s Glencoe life through the lens of its important cultural and governmental organizations, we brainstormed with and then collected contributions from the following community partners: Chicago Botanic GardenFamily Services of GlencoeGlencoe Chamber of Commerce, Glencoe Golf Club, Glencoe Historical SocietyGlencoe Park District, Glencoe Public LibraryGlencoe School District 35Rotary Club of GlencoeWoman’s Library Club of Glencoe, and the Village of Glencoe. We’ve also included items from our theatre.

Inside the .78 cubic feet volume of the container, they’ll find that the items have been carefully packaged and sealed so as to best preserve them over time. Here’s a sample of the items included.




TimeCapsule_03 TimeCapsule_02  TimeCapsule_05

November 6, 2015 was declared by the Village of Glencoe as Glencoe Founders Day to honor the thirty Glencoe families who have significantly supported the historic theatre center project. These Glencoe Founders along with WT staff gathered to bury the time capsule on that day. Here’s a photo from the special occasion.


Taken collectively, the items in the time capsule create a snapshot of Glencoe in 2015. We can only imagine what the news and community will look like when this time capsule of treasures is unsealed in 2115! We’re grateful to celebrate this moment in time in Glencoe and leave a gift for the people—or primes—of the future.

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