We asked the director of Port Authority to discuss how the characters’ experiences in the play resonate with his own life. Here’s what Director William Brown shared with us…                                                                              

William Brown Large Headshot“A director has to connect to all the characters in the play. To me, the common denominator is daring to want something you can’t have, while being fully aware that you can’t have it. I love these three men. It’s not just the world that keeps them from what they want; it’s themselves. I’m at a certain age between Joe and Dermot, and it has to be said that I have a good life and a deeply satisfying career. But how easily one can flip over into questions of “Am I fulfilling my destiny? Am I the person that I should be?” And I think that’s scary territory. No matter how old you are or your circumstances, that’s a demon that can jump on your back. And it doesn’t just have to be a demon; it can be an incentive to be better than one is. That’s the nature of ambition. I’m deeply moved by not only the obstacles these men face, but the degree to which they dare to hope.”

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