There are many things that make Writers Theatre so great – one of which is the long performance runs. Just recently Marjorie Prime hit performance number 100. I can hardly believe it!

Over that time, our hardworking cast has been growing and deepening the play. Each character has become even more detailed than before. I particularly enjoy seeing the variety of ways that Walter Prime has found to mimic the people around him. The dynamics within each character relationship grew more diverse as well. One night Tess might interpret a particular line from Jon as supportive and another night insulting; they are always keeping each other alive and in the moment. Each show is its own fresh, unique experience. Even though the story remains the same, I don’t know what will happen next. They always have me leaning forward in anticipation.

I’m sure I speak for the Marjorie Prime  cast and crew when I say – we are overjoyed to share more than 100 performances with you. Thank you for joining us.

If we haven’t yet, we hope to see you before closing!

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