Last but not least in our Q&A series with PigPen Theatre Company members currently appearing in The Old Man and The Old Moonwe hear from Dan Weschler

WT: Describe PigPen Theatre Co. in 3 words.
Dan: Tales Told Tall.


WT: If each member of PigPen Theatre Co. had a job title, what would yours be?
Dan: Chief Custodian and Assistant to the Chief Custodian.

WT: What’s the first play you ever performed? What role did you play?
Dan: Pinocchio.  I played Pinocchio, and once spent an entire six-hour rehearsal waiting to pop out of a burlap tree before my director remembered I was in there.


WT: What book changed your life?
Dan: Every book I read changes my life to some degree. One that stands out as an early mind-blowing experience is The Little Prince. That book blew open the door between reality and fiction for me. I began to see how something that at first seems completely fantastical can really be about the world we live in. It also taught me the importance of perspective, of how you choose to perceive the world.

WT: Who is your favorite PigPen Theatre Co. member?
Dan: Lucy the dog. Without question. We’re very close.


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