These past couple weeks of rehearsal have been enlightening and explorative and I’m very excited to be including you in our process.

We began by reading the play and exposing all of the questions evoked by the story. Part of what makes Marjorie Prime so rich is that it provides all of the information necessary for us to understand the heart of the story, but it intentionally leaves much unsaid. This steered us toward the essence of play, and has left us with the task of discovering the importance of each word – and also the opportunity to uncover what lies in the empty spaces left for us.

As we began to explore the play physically we continued to raise questions and follow every curiosity until we felt we had put all of our inquiries and information in front of us. Our days have since become about condensing all of our discovered moments of connection, missed opportunity, vulnerability, surprise and the struggle to love into our deeply personal and exposing story.

This is not to say that we have all of the answers. Perhaps the most provocative element of Marjorie Prime is in fact the unanswered questions that we have been exposing. What does it mean to be human? What is it the characters choose not to say and why? How might our lives be different if we could heal our regrets?

This week we are moving into the theatre to continue discovering with the addition of costumes, the set, sound and lights. I can’t wait to see how these will inform and shape the play moving towards performance.

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